Latin America is at a crossroads in 2015. While democracy today predominates as a form of government, it is still consolidating its roots in a process that is far from being irreversible.

The Alerta Democratica scenarios offer a journey through four possible futures for democracy in Latin America 2015-2030.

These scenarios were created by a diverse group of 37 Latin American leaders including academics, policy-makers, public servants, youth, social movements, business, media, indigenous populations, religious institutions, and foundations, who share an intention to stimulate strategic reflection and action on democracy in the region.

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Why ALerta Democrática?

Alerta Democratica means “Democratic Alert”. Even though democracy has been chosen as the dominant form of government in our region, there is a need to be alert to the quality of that democracy.

The scenarios draw attention to the risks and opportunities of the present that can make a difference for a high-intensity democracy in the future. This is why the Scenario Team chose the name “Alerta Democrática” to provoke reflection and dialogue around democracy in our societies. Alerta Democrática is not just a name, it is the collective cause of the diverse team of leaders that came together to construct these scenarios with the hope of contributing to the development of higher quality democracies in Latin America.

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The scenarios draw attention to what could happen in the future of democracy in the next 15 years. Based on a collective reading of current reality, the scenarios are an instrument for promoting strategic dialogue and action.

Alerta Democrática
Alerta Democrática compartilhou a publicação de Fundación Paz & Reconciliación.10/03/2018 @ 21:28
Alerta Democrática
Alerta Democrática02/08/2017 @ 22:03

A democracia está agonizando!!!!!!

Alerta Democrática La ciudadanía radical ya no admite más corrupción!
Chamemos os Hércules
Tem gente que ainda não entendeu que já vivemos num estado de exceção já muito tempo.
Os Intervencionistas são simplesmente uma massa de manobra nas mãos de comunistas porque querem o mesmo objetivo que é o caos institucional que só beneficiária a reeleição de Lula!
Democracia, o Deus que falhou
Que se reinstaure o Império
Seria o $oros ali no meio? kkk
Es una arma de doble filo
Alerta Democrática
Alerta Democrática13/02/2017 @ 13:21

La sociedad civil en México marcha contra Trump. ¿Y que hacer en el resto de la región?

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